Silverback wants to enhance the identity of organizations. To Help them in their never-ending search to find resources for the continuation of their businesses.

Through dynamic partnerships Siverback ‘s creativity, experience, and flexibility will enhance the possibility for organizations to become more visible according to the new standards of modern society.

Different known methods of collaborating, will provide the organizations with an advantage that will exceed the effort of doing it by themselves.

The unique part of silverback lies in the return of the “groupon principle” to the organizations. Where other businesses treat there customers as one, we make no difference in organizations of the same kind. This creates a special kind of bond and togetherness were we would like to build on. Exclusivity lies in our creations not in our vision. Working together and trying to improve our service so that you also can improve your service.

Another unique character of Silverback is that we believe in sustainable material that will keep our customers satisfied  for several years instead of going for the …….. 

With a big heart for sports organizations we will be happy to work with you and to grow with you.