Terms and conditions

1. General terms and conditions
These general terms and conditions are applicable to all transactions between Ssuko BVBA and you. Please read them carefully before placing any orders. All agreements are applicable and governed by Belgian law, and all trials between the customer and Ssuko BVBA will be handled through Belgian courts. These general terms and conditions respect your consumer rights at any time. By using our webstore you agree to these terms and conditions, and all transactions with Ssuko BVBA are governed by these general terms and conditions.

  • With ‘the company’, ‘we’ or ‘us/our’ we mean Ssuko BVBA.
  • With ‘the customer’ we refer to the person purchasing goods at Ssuko BVBA or using our services and website.
  • With ‘goods’, ‘articles’ or ‘products’ we mean the products sold by Ssuko BVBA.
  • Every mention of the website and/or webstore we implicitly mean the URL’s that are owned by Ssuko BVBA.

2. Pricing
All prices are in Euro. Mentioned prices include VAT, using the applicable country rate, unless mentioned otherwise. All prices can be changed at any time without prior notice.

3. Orders
To purchase a product the customer needs to add a product to the shopping cart (or shopping basket). In case the desired product is selected and added to the shopping cart, the customer is being asked to fill out the billing and shipping address. After, the customer is requested to provide us with the correct payment details. When we have received all the required information correctly, you will be presented with an order overview. If you accept, your purchase is confirmed and will be processed. The purchase can happen in your desired language if available. We accept orders through online transactions (secured server). Please read the section ‘Online payment’ for more information. All transactions through credit and debit cards are subject to validation and approval by the authorized issuer of that card. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact/Mister Cash, KBC Online/CBC Online, ING Homepay, Dexia Direct Net, iDEAL and Paypal. In case the issuer of your card rejects your request for payment, Ssuko cannot be liable for any delays in shipping and/or not delivery of your ordered products. Orders without a valid payment on the name of the cardholder are not accepted and processed. Attention: minors (below 18 years) are not allowed to purchase goods on our website, unless permission is granted by their parents or caretaker.

4. Shipping
Ordered goods are shipped as soon as possible in line with the indicated delivery terms. All expenses related to shipping can be adjusted without prior notice. Ssuko will do its best to deliver the order within the predefined and communicated time. All goods will be delivered subject to availability. Promotions run for the period indicated and/or subject to availability. In case Ssuko is not able to deliver the requested goods within a period of 10 days, we will inform you of the estimated delivery day. In the event Ssuko is not able to deliver the goods within the 10-day timeframe, the customer can cancel the order at any time after this notification. Ssuko will reimburse the full amount of the missing products. In the event the delivered goods are damaged because of transport, or the goods do not represent the products listed on the invoice, you are requested to inform Ssuko BVBA and to return the goods within 14 calendar days after receipt. In case we do not receive any returned goods, we deem the customer is satisfied with its purchase and the delivered goods. Ssuko cannot be liable for any damages resulting from late deliveries and/or no delivery at all by the transport company assigned to handle logistics and shipping. In case such an event occurs our liability is limited to the value of the products that have not been delivered to the customer.

5. Returns and exchanges
Customer satisfaction is our main goal at Ssuko and we do all to deliver you outstanding quality and services at fair value. In case you would like to return an ordered product, or in case you decided not to keep the purchased goods, you can request a return sheet through our site and return the goods together with this document within the 14 calendar days following the delivery. The returned goods cannot be used; they need to be in the original packaging, including all tags, purchasing invoice and return sheet. If all of the above is completed, Ssuko will exchange or refund the cost of the shipped goods. In the event the delivered goods where damaged, please return the damaged goods, together with the filled out return sheet and the original packaging to Ssuko within the 14 calendar days after receiving the goods. After, if approved, Ssuko will exchange the article for a new one, or we refund the cost of the products, including shipping expenses. The customer however is responsible for the shipping of the goods.

6. Guarantee
All Zerosouth products are covered by a 24-month guarantee to protect against damages resulting out of wrong fabrication and/or materials used. The guarantee covers a period of 24 months, starting from the date of the original invoice (unless mentioned differently). Damages caused by accidents, negligence or wrong usage are not covered by the guarantee. To claim your guarantee, send the goods together with the filled out return sheet and the original invoice to :

Ssuko BVBA
Lemméstraat 26
2018 Antwerp

Demonstrate very clearly where the goods show damages or malfunctioning. All products need to be cleaned and dry when returned to be eligible by the warranty. If not, your claim will be considered void.

7. Products
All products are sold on an individual basis unless mentioned differently. We do all we can to have the colors represented as close as possible to reality on our website. Due to technical limitations there may be differences.

8. Regulations for online sales
According to regulations that cover online sales you have the right to cancel your purchase within a period of 14 calendar days, counting from the delivery date. If the goods are unused, and returned in their original packaging, including all tags you will be entitled for a full refund. To cancel your purchase, you can send us an email at silverbackstore@gmail.com where you mention your account details and order number. You will maintain good care of the products and contain them in their original packaging, you will not use the products. The products need to be returned within 14 days following the cancelation email. The goods can be returned to our customer service department (see contact details). The return shipping costs of the returned goods are covered by the customer, unless the return is due to damaged goods or wrongly shipped products, in which case Ssuko will cover the shipping expenses. Refunds will be handled within 30 days following the receipt of the goods and acceptance by our customer service department.

9. Force Majeure
Ssuko can not be held liable for not fulfilling its obligations in case this is due to events which are beyond the control of Ssuko such as but not limited to floods, hurricane, fire, general strikes, lock-out, logistical issues, or new laws and regulations that come into place. In case such events take place and Ssuko cannot commit to deliver the purchased goods in part or in full within the predefined timeframes, the liability towards the customer shall never exceed the value of the purchased goods, increased with possible shipping expenses.

10. Contents
All content contained on our websites and/or printed on any other materials shall not be considered enforceable nor shall it be considered best practice. Its purpose is to inform the customer about the functional usage of the products and other relevant information. The information contained on the website is updated from time to time.

11. Pricing and display errors
We check the listed prices and specifications on our website regularly, we cannot be held responsible for any wrong publications or missing information. We reserve the right to adjust our prices and specifications without prior notification.

12. Ownership of the products
All goods delivered and shipped to the customers remain the ownership of Ssuko BVBA until full receipt of the amounts due for the concerned products by Ssuko BVBA.

13. Complaints
All complaints and remarks can be addressed to our customer services department via silverbackstore@gmail.com. We do all we can to reply to your complaint within the 5 business days following the receiving date. In the event Ssuko is not able to respond or resolve your complaint within those 5 business days, we will inform you of the expected resolution time.

14. Security
Ssuko will take appropriate measures to protect our online purchasing services. We make use of SSL technology (secure socket layers) to protect your personal data during a purchasing transaction. All information provided to Ssuko is protected against third party infringements. Check if SSL2 or SSL3 are activated.

15. Contact details
Ssuko BVBA
Lemméstraat 26

2018 Antwerp


Company registered at the Company Registry with the number 0508.567.436 and the Trade Registry of the Commercial Court of Trade in Antwerp with VAT-number BE 0508.567.436.

Bank account ING: BE29 3631 1438 4864 

16. Copyright Notice
All contents of this website and other publications of Ssuko BVBA are the property or license of Ssuko BVBA or are used in consent with the rightful owner. Reproduction is strongly prohibited unless approved in writing.

17. Customer reviews
The following rules govern the use of our customer satisfaction and rating mechanism on our website. These rules are complimentary to the terms and conditions of our website and the privacy policy and concern all users of our website. In case you wish to list a customer review, you accept these terms and agree to follow the guidelines as outlined below.

a. Guidelines
We believe it is important for our customers to be informed prior to making a decision to purchase our products. All customers who have purchased goods are encouraged to share their experiences with others. However, we do would like you to follow certain guidelines:

Your review needs to:

  • Be your honest opinion, regardless if it is positive or negative;
  • Be correct with its facts;
  • Be relevant – focus on the specific properties of the products and your experience;
  • Be concise – the amount of characters is not limited, but we advise you to keep the message short.

You are not allowed to:

  • Have obscene, tasteless, insulting or hatred filled messages;
  • Judge or provoke other people;
  • Pretend to be someone else or assume a false identity;
  • Mention names or contact details of other people;
  • Have commercial or publicity related links or messages;
  • Have a review that contains materials fabricated by third parties or that would harm third party rights;
  • Have details regarding prices and/or availability;
  • Comment on other people’s opinions.

These guidelines are for customer reviews and experiences and have to be complied with in its exact form. We decide and have the right to judge if specific reviews are in violation with the above guidelines.

b. How can we use your reviews
You remain the copyright owner of the review that you posted on our website. But when you provide us with your review:

  • You grant us the right to use the contents of this review, to adjust, change, reproduce, and publish and to distribute. This grant is free of charge and can be sublicensed to any third party as we deem needed;
  • You guarantee that you have written this review yourself, that you did not in part or full copied its contents from any other material and that they are not breaching any of the above;
  • You distance yourself from any moral rights that you may have in your customer review, for as much as legally possible.

The rights that you grant us related to any of the customer reviews that you have posted on our website, imply (without any limitations) that we are free to publish this review in its entirety or partially; even if you changed your opinion and would request us to remove this content; even if we decide to remove or change the contents of the review, even if there is no violation of the above mentioned guidelines; and to use the review for any promotion or announcement of new products and/or services on our website.

c. Violation of our rules and guidelines
We have the right to reject, adjust or prevent you from posting any customer review if we believe it is in violation with our guidelines. We reject any liability for any loss or damages that occur because of a customer review by any person in violation of these rules and guidelines.

If we believe there is a violation of these rules and guidelines, we can, at our own will, take action deemed appropriate. Any ignorance of these rules and guidelines are a breach of our terms of use and general terms and conditions that allow you to use our website, and can lead to any of the following actions:

  • Immediate, temporary or full restrictions to use the website;
  • Immediate, temporary or full removal of all your customer reviews on our website;
  • Written notice;
  • Legal steps and request to refund all associated expenses (including but not limited to all administrative and legal expenses) that result out of this violation;
  • Further legal actions against you; and
  • Transfer of information to any courts in case we consider this necessary or in the event we are forced by law to do so.

We are not liable for any actions we undertake in response of a violation against our rules and guidelines. Any measures we take may not be limited to the above list and we are free to take any other measures we deem required.

d. Our responsibility
Customer reviews or other contents that are being displayed on our website, are provided without any guarantees, prerequisites or warranties on its correctness. For as much as legally possible we, and any of our staff and/or management, reject:

  • All statements, guarantees and other prerequisites that may be applicable by law, such as the equity-right that can be applicable
  • All liabilities because of loss or damages, directly related or unrelated to the use of our website, its content, including but not limited to the loss of income, profits, or details of customers.

Nothing in these rules prevents you from entering litigation against Zerosouth, in case of loss or damages resulting out of not fulfilling the above rules and guidelines by Ssuko, and they also do not exclude us from any responsibility in case we provide faulty declarations or fraudulent information.

e. Complaints
In case you wish to leave us a formal complaint on any customer reviews on our website, please send us an email at silverbackstore@gmail.com.

f. Changing the guidelines and rules
Ssuko can change these rules and guidelines at any time. You are expected to from time to time check this page with general terms and conditions because they are binding for any transaction or activity between Ssuko and you.